Newsletter, May 2008
Dear Madam and Sir!

WatchDog pro is a quantum leap in the field of monitoring technology. It is a modular, industry-compliant monitoring system that combines classical monitoring and time-related functions with the communication potential of fieldbuses, SMS and e-mail.
WatchDog pro
Measuring currents and implementing the results at field-bus level

WatchDog pro is the ideal solution to deliver information about the load states of individual motors within an entire production facility. WatchDog pro may be directly installed behind frequency converters in the line supplying the motor. These sensors may be connected to existing controls through the gateway module which currently supports CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus DP-V1, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and Ethernet IP.
WatchDog pro
Monitoring the cooling chain required when transporting drugs

With WatchDog pro, TELE has developed a finished solution for monitoring cooling chains when drugs are transported in vehicles. WatchDog pro measures the temperature in the air-conditioned transport vehicle's compartment and monitor how long the doors have been open. With the integrated GSM modem the system is able to trigger alarms when the required temperatures are not reached or are exceeded or when the doors to remain open for too long.
Safety relays
Series S2 safety relay

TELE offers safety relays for EMERGENCY-OFF, PROTECTIVE-DOOR, LIGHT-GRID, TWO-HAND, SAFETY-SHUT-DOWN-MAT applications to comply with the changing standards for safety engineering.
TELE's safety relays have been manufactured in accordance with the new EN 13849-1 and EN 62061 standards and will in future therefore also satisfy the needs of any safety-engineering application.
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